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Better hiring experiences. Smarter hiring decisions.

Modern Hire is a science-based hiring platform that improves hiring decisions with sophisticated candidate screening, predictive assessments, and interviewing technology. Nearly half of the Fortune 100 use Modern Hire, a technology that combines AI, predictive analytics, workflow automation, assessment, and interviewing technology in a single solution that integrates with leading HCM systems.

The Modern Hire Platform

Built on CognitIOn by Modern HireTM, our platform relies on rigorously tested technology and meets our high standards for predicting job performance efficiently, accurately, and fairly. Modern Hire helps modernize every step of the hiring process, from pre-apply to offer acceptance.

  • Modern Hire’s platform combines the predictive power of pre-hire assessments, interview technology, candidate self-scheduling, automated workflows, advanced analytics, AI, and more.
  • Organizations can screen, assess, schedule, interview, and evaluate candidates to identify best-fit talent.  
  • Clients can leverage our Hiring Blueprints to build job-specific, configurable workflows comprised of both on-demand and live interactions.  
  • Candidates are empowered to self-schedule interviews and learn about your brand and company culture throughout the hiring process.  

Modern Hire Benefits

Effective: Our trusted, validated science helps you predict job performance and turnover risk, not simply whom to hire.

Efficient: Our platform automates many administrative processes, allowing your TA teams to focus on talent, not tasks.

Fair: We rely on rigorous science, ethical use of AI, and transparency about our methods and how we use data to ensure fairness.

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