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One Model helps people understand their people analytics. By extracting workforce data from multiple sources, analyzing it with predictive modeling capabilities, normalizing the data, and then loading it all in one place — our platform — HR departments benefit from the cleanest, clearest visual possible. Use these insights to predict employee behaviors, reduce costs, and improve performance.

One Model’s Greenhouse API Connector exports data from your Greenhouse account and imports it into your instance of One Model.

Once imported, One Model transforms your Greenhouse data into a structure that is optimized for analytic reporting and data science. (If you are familiar with data modeling, this means that we will load your data into fact and dimension tables within a data warehouse.) This transformed data set allows you to generate recruiting efficiency reports on your pipeline, offer acceptance rates, time to hire, etc. Because the data has been reorganized for analytics, you can easily cut metrics like time to hire by key recruiting dimensions like source, recruiter, department, office, etc.

One Model also connects your Greenhouse data to data from your other HR systems. For example, you might link candidate records from Greenhouse with employee data from your core HR system. This allows you to develop recruiting effectiveness reports, covering topics like new hire performance, termination rates by hire cohort, etc. This means you can have a connected view of employee outcomes from sourcing to termination and every step in between.

Once set up, the connector can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly.

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