Comply with privacy regulations like the GDPR, CPRA and 100s more by automatically mapping your Greenhouse data and automating privacy rights (DSAR) request fulfillment  

Through OneTrust’s pre-built Greenhouse integration, organizations can:

Create an Evergreen Data Map

OneTrust will discover & classify personal data across your Greenhouse instance, identifying which data is subject to privacy regulations and creating an identity graph of individuals who have personal data stored in Greenhouse. Through this live connection, up-to-date information is fed into OneTrust’s regulatory reporting engine and visual cross-border transfer and data lineage maps.

Fulfill Privacy Rights Requests (DSARs)

When a request is received from an individual whose personal data resides in Greenhouse, OneTrust will automatically perform a real-time look up of that personal data and aggregate it or otherwise action it based on the request type. This information can then be redacted (if necessary) through the OneTrust console and shared with the requestor through OneTrust’s secure communication portal, fully automating the fulfillment of the request without any action required by the Greenhouse admin owner.