Everything job descriptions

Ongig transforms your job pages to multiply your quality candidates.

Our drag-and-drop career site builder lets you customize any job page for a “branded candidate experience.”

Your career site can now be powered by:

  • A.I.-based job search
  • Instant microsites
  • Dynamic job descriptions with video, pictures, recommended jobs, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, location info and other recruiting widgets

All your job pages get optimized for mobile and SEO.

And how's the text of your JDs look? Are they persuasive enough to attract the best talent?

Our Job Description Text Analyzer examines the text of your job descriptions. It measures gender bias, positive sentiment, readability, SEO and more!

Then, hand off your most important jobs to our professional copywriting team to rewrite your jobs on-demand.

We also have a global Custom Video team to create a professional recruiting video for you within 5 days. The video can have music, voice-over, text-overlay and animation.

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