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AI-powered blind candidate screening

Studies have shown that candidates frequently face bias when being screened for interviews. This bias can be unconscious, meaning that it can slip in even with well-intentioned staff doing the screening. More bias during candidate screening leads to less diversity, perpetuating a vicious cycle.

Opus AI breaks the cycle with AI-Powered Blind Candidate Screening. This SaaS tool uses AI to create rich profiles of candidates’ capabilities, while anonymizing them, effectively hiding their identity. This makes it impossible for reviewers to exhibit bias, because the candidates’ gender, race, ethnicity, age and so forth are hidden. Opus AI only represents the candidates’ suitability for the position.

Separation of Powers

Opus AI defines two crucial roles within your organization:

  • Administrators protect the candidates’ identity. They alone have the power to unmask the candidate. However, they cannot make the decision to pass on a candidate or select them for an interview.
  • Screeners can choose to interview or pass on a candidate. However, they cannot unmask the candidate, meaning the candidate’s identity is always hidden from them.

Opus AI maintains an effective firewall between these two roles, protecting candidates from bias.

A Chain of Custody for Candidates

All activities within Opus AI are logged, including candidate unmasking, interview requests and passes. This creates an immutable record of how you made your decisions about candidates, proving that candidate screening was conducted without bias.

For more information, please contact us at info@opusai.co or visit https://opusai.co.

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