Tech talent matching for critical hires

Hiring for critical and senior level hires in the technology space is becoming more and more competitive, fragmented, and expensive.

The agency model is hit and miss. Search firms are antiquated and expensive. Professional social network sites weren’t designed for hiring in the first place and are becoming increasingly noisy and untrusted.

OutScout believes there should be specialized, closed networks, allowing only approved, high quality companies and candidates, where smarter matching happens based on cleaner, objective and more meaningful criteria. A place where companies and candidates get to the right answer faster and with more confidence (side note: we also believe no amount of AI alone can solve the equation).

OutScout is a closed, high value technology talent matching platform. We identify, engage, and organize the most in demand talent with high value, growth career options. We work with some of the most innovative startups, scale ups and public companies in the US.

Why use OutScout:

  • Be part of a selective, approved group of companies hiring the most in demand talent
  • Engage with captive, target talent faster
  • Save hours of sourcing grunt work
  • Make more intelligent, data driven hiring decisions
  • Increase overall funnel and offer acceptance ratios
  • Drive greater diversity across your most important hires
  • Enable your talent team to close more searches
  • Reduce your cost per hire with our scalable pricing plans

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