Supercharge your talent database

PitchMe cuts the time and effort to place great candidates. Our Greenhouse integration ensures your candidate database is supercharged with accurate, up-to-date and detailed skills and experience.

Our AI uses hundreds of data points to build a true reflection of each person's experience. You get a detailed insight into their specific strengths and weaknesses, both for soft and hard skills.

PitchMe saves you the cost of hiring a team to manually process data, and provides up-to-date and reliable data in seconds.

Find hidden talent in your own database

Understand the skills and experience each candidate has now, not where they were when you last spoke.

Automatically update your data

Schedule background updates so your candidate database is always up-to-date and accurate.

Get a true understanding of every candidate

Our AI uses data from 30+ sources and predictive analytics to build a true reflection of each candidate's skills and experience.

Improve your time to hire by up to 80%

Our customers have made their hiring processes much more efficient, requiring less interviews and conversations to achieve a successful placement.

Increase your placement rate

An accurate and in-depth candidate database drives high quality shortlists and more successful placements.

Boost your candidate conversion

Only reach out to the most relevant candidates for the role and boost your response rate by 400%.

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