Revolutionize How You Hire, Grow, And Retain Talent

Plum is a talent assessment platform that strips away bias and reveals human potential to revolutionize how organizations hire, grow, and retain talent. With unmatched scalability, Plum powers more objective and equitable talent decisions across the employee lifecycle using the predictive power of psychometric data.

With Plum, you can:

  • Quantify job fit to match the right people to the right roles
  • Spot potential to objectively identify and start developing future leaders sooner
  • Grow your people by empowering them with personalized career insights
  • Work better together by equipping leaders with insights to build high-performing teams

Plum data is 4X more predictive of future job success than what you’ll find on a resume, so you can finally look beyond credentials, degrees, and past job titles to discover what candidates and employees are truly capable of achieving, if given the opportunity.  That means you can build a more diverse talent pipeline by surfacing people for opportunities based on raw talent and potential, regardless of race, gender, or background.

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