The most effective way to assess development skills

Qualified enables companies to find the best engineers based on their real-world development abilities. This takes place in the form of code assessments and collaborative pair-programming interviews, which can easily fit across a companies hiring process.

This gives your team the ability to make more accurate hiring decisions, speeding up your hiring process, and saving productivity hours in doing so. These improvements have been found to create immense value through the impact of better hires, while drastically cutting the ~$22,750 companies spend in lost employee productivity that goes into each new hire.

Qualified Assess

Screen with Code Assessments

Our code assessments take place in a rich development environment, and are then auto-scored (0-100%) using integrated test frameworks such as Mocha, RSpec, and JUnit. This allows us to support assessments that test for proficiency across frameworks, databases, object-oriented programming, project-based skills, API understanding, and test-driven development (TDD).

Qualified Interact

Interview with Collaborative Coding Sessions

Pair-program with candidates in real-time through our collaborative code editor. It gives rich functionality, with full access to test-cases and results for ease of code validation. It will greatly improve the effectiveness of your phone screens as interviewers code with the candidate in a realistic environment.

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