Referral Booster

Boost your employee referral program in Slack

Love referred candidates, but finding it difficult to get team members to submit referrals or engage in the program? Referral Booster is your answer! Built entirely in Slack, Referral Booster allows your team to easily search/filter through open jobs, submit referrals, and track the status of their referrals all from the comfort of Slack - the system they know and love. With the Greenhouse integration, open jobs are automatically synced every 15 minutes and pulled into the app and any referrals submitted through the app create a new candidate/opportunity in Greenhouse.

Looking to scale your program up? Take advantage of Referral Booster's one-of-a-kind "Job Boosts". Set up recurring announcements in Slack highlighting segments of open jobs (newest jobs, oldest jobs, jobs with the fewest applicants, specific jobs, etc.) and nudge your team to submit referrals in an automated fashion. You can even choose to engage specific channels with each boost, for example engaging only ERG's or affinity groups with a boost tied to a specific diversity initiative.

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