A simple way to get top tech talent from abroad

Relocate is the right place to attract top-tier software developers who are ready to relocate. It’s more than just a job board. There’s a built-in pre-selection option, allowing both companies and
job seekers to basically filter their prospective applicants/relevant job options.

By posting job openings on the Relocate website, companies get access to our candidate database of tech talent from around the globe.

How it works:
• You send us the links to your job ads – we post them for you.
• You tell us about your relocation perks – we verify and promote them for you.
• You set up your filters and get a list of pre-selected (relevant) candidates.
• Peruse the detailed developer profiles forwarded you through ATS/email. Hire the best-fit candidates for your technology jobs globally with Relocate

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