Resume Sieve

Arrest attrition. Retain human capital. Preserve your knowledge capital

It is time to make manual resume evaluations the thing of the past.

Say hello to “The Sieve”, a platform that helps you both evaluate resumes and provide candidate insights quickly and accurately reducing time spent in evaluating resumes, while improving the decision making.

Upload Job descriptions and resumes to the Sieve via your Greenhouse integration, choose criteria from the automatically populated skill matrix and Sieve 1000’s of resumes in seconds.

Key benefits :

  • Get valuable insights for each resume
  • Save hours of time traditionally spent in manual resume sorting and evaluation so you can Hire the Best. Faster.
  • Quickly backfill attrition and hire quality resources on time.
  • Unbiasedly rank candidates against objective criteria; add new candidates any time in the process for evaluation against same criteria.
  • Change criteria as needed and Sieve again in a matter of seconds
  • Process candidates faster, manage more requisitions, and identify higher-quality hires.

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