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Employee referral is one of the best channels to hire and retain quality talent. A good employee referral program enables you to impact key CXO metrics - topline, retention, quality talent, speed & bottom line. Referrals help you cut through the noise of applications and close positions quickly.

RippleHire is an award-winning cloud-based hiring platform. We exist to make recruiting effortless, human, and delightful. We work with leaders like you to impact the top line, bottom line through progressive hiring solutions. We help 500K+ users in 25 countries hire top talent and improve the maturity of their recruiting practices.

Introduce RippleHire. Gamify your employee referral program. Delight your workforce and source top talent effortlessly. Leverage social sharing and make it easy for employees to advocate positions in your organization. RippleHire helps employees track their referrals and rewards automatically. Build an inclusive recruiting culture on the foundation of trust and transparency.

RippleHire is an ISO 27001 certified company. All your data is safe and secure with us.

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