Hire great people your employees already know

We help companies who are committed to improving diversity in their workforce.

Our recruiting platform helps you identify great people in your network beyond restrictive keyword booleans by asking employees a simple question: “who would you love to work with here?”

We then make it easy to connect with those candidates through automated, personal outreach with introductions from the people on your team who know them best.

The result is a more diverse candidate database capable of filling any new roles, from engineering to accounting.

Browse Great Matches
Identify 35 qualified referrals per employee in 5 minutes.

Easy, Personal Outreach
Engage candidates through personal, automated outreach with 50% response rates.

Manage Through Hire
Manage candidates effortlessly through your ATS or ROIKOI.

Your employees all know great people – our platform lets you identify who they are, connect with them through those personal relationships, and ultimately reduce time to hire by 10 days.

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