Scouted (powered by Drafted)

Hiring intel from your company network

Scouted gets intel from employees connected to your applicants.

When a new application is received in Greenhouse, Scouted uses AI to find overlaps in applicant experience to your employees’ experience. Scouted also integrates with Slack so that your workflows are buttery smooth.

For example, if Amy worked at Hubspot before applying to your company, Scouted will notify you saying “hey Bob in sales used to work at Hubspot around the same time as Amy”.

You can customize Scouted to

  1. Automatically collect a review from the connected employee
  2. Automatically attach employee reviews to the Greenhouse application

You can get set up in minutes and there’s no administrative overhead - Scouted works diligently in the background for you to give you intel about your incoming applications.

Scouted is exclusively available as a Greenhouse integration. Any Greenhouse customer that signs up for Scouted in 2020 will get their first 3 months free.

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