SkillBank Competency Insight

A smarter way to shortlist candidates

SkillBank is data driven hiring that eliminates biases and shortlists candidates based on precise job requirements defined by you.

In a simple 5 minute process, SkillBank captures a competency inventory from each candidate. Our proprietary algorithms use those inputs to produce a Job Competency Signal™ and deliver actionable insight straight into your Greenhouse Recruiting platform.

This JCS can stack rank cohorts of any size to quickly focus your attention on the most promising candidates. The JCS has three components:

  • JCS/Signal – Is a numeric score that’s like FICO for hiring
  • JCS/Quad – Helps you understand the person behind the score
  • JCS/Coverage – Helps make sure candidates are getting a fair score

The SkillBank JCS puts actionable competency insight right at your fingertips in the Greenhouse report card and reporting interfaces.

Additional competency insight is available on the SkillBank platform. Each candidate report card has a direct access link into the heart of the SkillBank platform. Once there, you can drill down to see exact scores for each applicant on each competency. You can also see how they stack up on your other job openings. If they’re not right for one, they might be perfect for another.

Start in one department with the free Foundation Tier and expand across the enterprise when you’re ready. All without IT support.