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Inspired by the Agile principles and best practices that transform software delivery teams: people over process, communication, transparency, collaboration, and big visible charts, it is our mission to bring these transformative concepts to talent acquisition teams everywhere, and for us that begins with TalentWall.

TalentWall converts your candidate pipeline into an interactive card wall, reflecting your Greenhouse candidate data in real-time. Inspired by agile principles, TalentWall brings much-needed transparency and collaboration to Talent teams.

TalentWall has over 700 end users from 30+ companies in 14 countries, including the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, and The Netherlands.

In today’s high stakes and complex recruiting space, TalentWall puts the focus back on moving candidates through the pipeline, allowing you to hire better, faster, and more collaboratively.

TalentWall is a…

Command Center for Recruiters: Recruiters gain quick understanding of urgent tasks allowing them to prioritize their day. Since you can see when candidates were most recently “touched” candidates will never slip through the cracks again.

Hiring Manager Portal: Hiring managers can easily answer the question they care about most how close are we to making hire?

Dashboard for Recruiting Managers: Hiring Managers gain critical insights for business planning.

Executive Summary: Provide your Executive team with a real-time snapshot of the candidate pipeline -- without the manual work.

Collaboration Tool: Use TalentWall during Hiring Manager 1:1s, Talent team meetings, or any time you’re reviewing the recruiting pipeline to get everyone on the same page quickly and easily.

Improve candidate experience -- since you can see when candidates were most recently “touched” you’ll never let another candidate slip through the cracks again.

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