Measure and improve your candidate experience

Talenthub is an online platform that allows you to easily measure and analyze feedback from your candidates, new hires, hiring managers, and recruiters. You can collect data from all steps of the candidate journey, which gives you a complete overview of key hiring metrics and provides you with insights into your candidate experience and hiring process.

Talenthub makes data analysis simple and accessible for everyone. Our benchmark feature makes it easy for your organization to identify where you are performing well and which areas of your recruitment process require improvement.

You can easily filter and segment your data in order to provide a detailed overview of your organization's performance by department, office, hiring managers and much more!

Key features

  • Measure the entire candidate journey
  • Career page widget
  • Industry benchmark & global benchmark views
  • Recruiter view
  • Custom reporting
  • SSO
  • Measure your EVP and attraction efforts

Not just a platform

At Talenthub you will be assigned a personal Candidate Experience Specialist, who will provide you with support, onboarding and recurring data reviews, in order to identity potential areas of improvement.

Automate with Greenhouse ATS

Talenthub has partnered with Greenhouse, allowing users to get the best from both worlds. All data, events and triggers are fully automated, to ensure the easiest and most efficient way to start working with Candidate Experience, Onboarding and hiring.

Create a candidate centric culture today, with Talenthub