Data-driven job descriptions and analytics tools

Use data to Improve the fairness of your hiring process. TapRecruit’s products empower hiring teams by helping them make evidence-based recruiting decisions. Our customers use our tools to design fairer recruiting processes that result in more qualified and diverse candidate pools.

Smart Job Description Editor

Ever wonder how job content impacts your hiring process? The TapRecruit Smart Editor helps hiring teams collaborate to write job descriptions that are proven to attract more qualified and diverse candidate pools. We use the outcomes data from 10’s of millions of job descriptions and rigorous data science to help your team make thoughtful decisions about language, job titles and skills groupings.

Analytics Tools for Hiring Teams

Overwhelmed with data? TapRecruit Smart Analytics ensures that everyone on your hiring team is making data-driven recruiting decisions. Easily diagnose quality and diversity issues with your inbound funnel using robust and intuitive dashboards. Smart Analytics is available to all integrated Greenhouse customers. No CSV’s required.

Smart Salary Estimates

Curious about a job’s local market salary? With the Smart Salary Estimator, you can analyze your job’s skills, experience, education and location requirements to see a multi-faceted salary estimation. Salary estimates automatically update as your team edits your job description.

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