Helping you identify the best candidates faster

Tazio lets you combine aptitude tests, situational judgement tests and video interviews into a single, fully branded mobile-friendly assessment process. Enabling you to identify the best candidates more efficiently and objectively.

Integration with Greenhouse lets you more accurately predict which candidates will perform best, onboard fastest and stay longer. Helping you to reduce time to hire and recruiter workload.

Candidate benefits

  • Engaging, mobile-friendly process
  • Greater insight into your roles
  • Faster and simpler applications
  • Timely & meaningful feedback

Recruiter benefits

  • Cuts time to hire by up to 50%
  • Reduces recruiter administration
  • Eliminates scheduling headaches
  • Improves candidate engagement

For over eight years, Tazio has worked with hundreds of employers, interviewing thousands of candidates every week. Companies from all sectors and sizes benefit from our cost-effective price plans.

Special offer: Tazio offers all Greenhouse.io customers a 14-day, unlimited trial. Signup at Tazio.co.uk and enjoy all the premium features for free!

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