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I-9 and E-Verify Compliance Made Easy

Designed by a leading U.S. Immigration Law Firm, Tracker is the only I-9 Compliance Software that maintains a perfect 20+ year track record of zero client fines. I-9 Complete was explicitly designed for HR and Legal teams that require full I-9 Compliance. With the Greenhouse integration, users can initiate and create an electronic I-9 for a candidate directly from Greenhouse.

Maintain complete compliance from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere. The cloud-based platform helps manage the progress of all Form I-9s with robust real-time reporting tools.

  • Instant E-Verify Integration
  • Remote Hiring Solved
  • Audit Support
  • Paper Form Conversion and Remediation

Tracker instantly integrates with E-Verify to ensure the employment eligibility of every employee within a company. Once a Form I-9 is submitted through Tracker’s I-9 Complete platform, all information is instantly sent to E-Verify for verification within seconds.

I-9 Complete offers the most customizable remote hiring automation features. Manage timelines of all remote hires from one simple interface, and conveniently schedule mandatory in-person ID verification at any of Tracker’s 300 Remote I-9 Centers, and thousands of mobile officers, located across all 50 states – with just one click.

Tracker ensures ongoing support and risk mediation in the event of a federal or ICE Audit. Tracker’s dedicated I-9 and E-Verify experts are standing by to guide you through every step of the process and will be there when it matters the most.

HR and Legal Teams understand the challenges of managing unscalable paper I-9s. I-9 Resolve provides fully-secure paper form scanning and manual key entry services for industry leaders across the U.S. Effortlessly convert hundreds to thousands of archived Paper I-9s to compliant and easily manageable electronic forms. Following paper form digitization, I-9 Resolve will expose potential errors for efficient remediation, while establishing detailed audit trails to ensure fully compliant electronic forms.

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