Hire better employees with video interviewing

VidCruiter understands that interviewing candidates is a great way to screen them, but traditional methods are often time-consuming and expensive to conduct, especially earlier in the recruitment process. Coordinating schedules, arranging travel, and playing phone tag is just a few ways that recruiters can waste time trying to complete interviews. Interviewing is even more inefficient if you must manage large candidate volumes or when you are obligated to complete an entire interview even though you quickly determined an applicant was unqualified.

VidCruiter's live or pre-recorded interview provides more information and better insights than a resume screen or phone interview ever could. Video interviews can easily be shared amongst your hiring team allowing more individuals to conveniently provide their input without having to interview the candidate directly. Considering that the pre-recorded video interviews are completed asynchronously, all the administrative hassles of traditional interview methods are removed. Video interviewing not only provides your team with a quicker method to screen candidates but also results in better insights and enables them to make better quality hiring decisions.

  • Completely Customizable on a Per-Question Basis
  • Fully Branded
  • Compatible with All Devices including Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones
  • Allow Candidates to Practice, Re-Record, or Have Them Record under Pressure
  • Playback an Interview as Often as You Wish
  • Securely Share Video Responses with Any Relevant Party
  • Save Different Sets of Questions as Templates for Quicker Setup of Future Positions

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