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Typically, reference checks are one of the most tedious, time-consuming, and potentially unproductive stages of the recruitment process. Having to schedule time to conduct reference checks, playing phone tag with applicants or referees, and getting dry or meaningless cookie-cutter responses are just a few examples of how traditional reference checks often waste your hiring team’s time.

With VidReferencing, your organization can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of its verifications of employment by making them digital and automating the process. Candidates simply enter their references’ contact information and the system automatically sends the referees your customized set of questions. Referees have the convenience of completing the reference check at any time on the device of their choice. Our automated reference checking system has enabled our clients to conduct reference checks earlier in the process, giving them faster access to more information for each candidate while enabling their recruiters to dedicate their time to other more productive activities.

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