Automate your passive candidate search and outreach

No more sourcing

Visage automates your passive candidate search & outreach by leveraging the power of AI and crowdsourcing. Built for busy recruiters who don’t have time to waste building boolean searches and reviewing resumes, Visage automates manual tasks so you can focus on chasing the best candidates and interviewing.

No more resume reviews

Submit your job requirements and Visage delivers 50 triple-filtered, passive candidates in just 48 hours. Our community of 3,500+ freelancers crowdsource candidates based on your specific requirement. The resumes go through a proprietary vetting process combining human and artificial intelligence. You won’t need to check the resumes.

Contact candidates automatically

Set-up personalized emails with automated follow-up. You email the candidates directly and start receiving interested candidate responses directly into your inbox. We notify you when a candidate opens your email a few times so you can follow-up with a phone call or connect on LinkedIn.

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