Save time by conducting secure reference and global background checks at the click of a button.

Zinc (https://zinc.work/) is redefining the reference check by offering new formulas for referencing, unlocking data and opening up new insights. Zinc transforms referencing from a painful part of your process into the most impressive.

Zinc’s scalable technology facilitates unforgettable candidate journeys. With automated texts and a mobile-friendly user experience, referencing has never been so smooth. Gift your candidates with blockchain-backed reference data that’s reusable throughout their career.

Zinc gives you in-depth reviews from past employers, reducing time from new joiner to high performer.

Here are a few reasons to boost your ATS with Zinc:

  • Faster ROI on new hires:
    Past employer feedback enables tailored onboarding, reducing the time from new joiner to high performer.
  • Save time:
    Start collecting references in a couple of clicks. Automatic follow-ups and updates mean you can spend more time interviewing and less time chasing. Receive candidate insights directly in Greenhouse.
  • Transform candidate experiences:
    Gift candidates with their references. Through blockchain technology, candidates can truly own and control their data, and reuse it throughout the rest of their career.
  • Flexible & built to scale:
    Try for free, cancel, pause or change your plan at any time. Zinc grows with your hiring needs, putting a consistent process in place ensuring diligence across all roles.
  • Eliminate bias:
    Zinc’s custom question sets remove bias from referencing. You’ll gain deep insights into cultural fit and optimum work styles from the people who know candidates best.
  • Seamless sharing:
    Securely share candidate profiles with a link and view it instantly on any device. No more downloads, passwords or email attachments.

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