ZoomInfo Recruiter

Uncover hidden talent and reach the unreachable

ZoomInfo Recruiter provides recruiters with the ability to leverage ZoomInfo (NASDAQ: ZI) go-to-market intelligence to find and source hard-to-reach talent.

Teams using Greenhouse and ZoomInfo Recruiter now have access to a seamless integration between platforms. This integration allows recruiters to collect candidate information in ZoomInfo Recruiter and communicate the information to Greenhouse with one click of a button!

Find and connect with the right talent

Enhanced Search
Use a search designed for recruiters. Recruiter-friendly filters include keywords, technical skills, years of experience, department & job functions, and more. With enhanced search features you can narrow the candidate search to fit specific criteria.

Interactive Org Chart
Leverage company insights to view candidates by hierarchy and departments. With an interactive org chart recruiters can see into a company structure to find candidates by title, function, or seniority.

As an advanced search option, recruiters can leverage Diversity and Inclusion filters to identify and build a more diverse candidate pipeline.

Leverage company news and updates to find candidates. Scoops give recruiters insight into changes within a company. Understanding changes within an organization can identify passive candidates and help to start a meaningful conversation when recruiters reach out to candidates.

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