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Greenhouse Recruiting reports

Data and reporting designed to align with your capabilities

  • In-app dashboards for visibility into your most important tasks in one place
  • 30+ pre-built reports designed to show sourcing, pipeline and more
  • Report connector works with your spreadsheets or dashboards
  • Report builder creates reports to suit your specific needs
  • BI connector integrates Greenhouse data with your business intelligence tools
People in virtual interviews on laptop and mobile phone

Hiring tools to help you navigate distributed work

As businesses worldwide move to a fully distributed working model, you may be facing some new challenges around hiring. Greenhouse can help you:

  • Assess and engage candidates virtually
  • Enable distributed interviews without skipping a beat
  • Tap into video interviewing tools, including SparkHire and Zoom
  • Onboard new hires seamlessly, from anywhere
  • Manage distributed hiring teams
Greenhouse Recruiting mobile app

Recruiter and hiring manager tools create a great experience

  • Smart UI for fast navigation and screen updating
  • Custom dashboards provide vital information in one place
  • Calendly scheduling eliminates back and forth
  • A simple and speedy resume review process
  • Our mobile app keeps things moving when you’re on the move
Greenhouse Recruiting custom configuration


Greenhouse enables organizations to easily scale their hiring process. You can set unique workflows, processes and permissions by department, location, region or country.

  • Advanced workflows and permissions allow you to control what kinds of processes are used
  • Configure unique permissions at your organizational level, through to the user level
Greenhouse Recruiting localized interviewer experience

Speak to candidates in their language

  • Job boards are available in 19 languages
  • The interviewer experience in Greenhouse Recruiting is available in five languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Italian, allowing recruiting teams to conduct interviews, fill out scorecards and refer candidates to roles in their native language

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