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Greenhouse Onboarding helps orchestrate the transition from offer letter to integrated team member.

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Build a new hire experience that begins the moment an offer is accepted.

  • Design a personalized welcome experience

  • Leverage a consistent framework for onboarding

  • Rely on automatic task execution that works in the background

  • Lay a foundation for continuous improvement


Welcome your new hires to the team.

Stand out by creating an experience that helps new employees explore the community before they start.

  • Walk employees through a welcome flow that familiarizes them with your company and let’s them know what to expect
  • Create customizable profiles so new employees can introduce themselves and learn about their team members
  • Develop a hub of useful information – such as an overview of employee benefits – on a “Things to Know” resource page
  • Eliminate confusion about next steps by helping new hires fill out relevant paperwork and documents before their first day


Create a consistent framework for success.

Develop a reliable plan that brings structure to your onboarding process.

  • Pre-determine what actions need to be completed for employees in each office, location and role
  • Organize documents and collect information in Greenhouse through an easy-to-use eSignature platform
  • Mobilize your internal teams and make sure each person knows their onboarding role through a set of automated tasks and reminders
  • Configure an email flow that informs new hires about their next steps and to-do’s.


Execute administrative tasks with ease.

Automate the logistics of your onboarding plan so you can focus on delivering a great experience.

  • Eliminate time wasted chasing down information by creating a system that orchestrates desired outcomes
  • Define and manage your operations: set onboarding tasks for specific roles, office locations, employee statuses and other criteria
  • Assign and set owners, notifications and automatic reminders for easy task completion


Analyze your performance.

Understand what’s going well so you can be more effective.

  • Collect feedback from new hires and understand where gaps are in your onboarding process
  • Work more efficiently with hiring managers to make sure new hires are set up for success
  • Pull reports to see the impact of your onboarding efforts and find areas where you can improve

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