Greenhouse Onboarding

Greenhouse Onboarding

Set new hires up for success

With the right strategy and technology, new hires are set up to become productive and active members of the company faster and immediately ingrained in the company culture.
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Greenhouse Onboarding dashboard

Build a new hire experience that begins the moment an offer is accepted.

  • Design a personalized welcome experience

  • Automate task execution for administrative actions

  • Organize important company resources

  • Lay a consistent framework for your onboarding process

  • Improve your processes with insightful reports and new hire feedback

  • Evaluate your onboarding performance

Cheetah Digital’s first 30 days of Greenhouse Onboarding implementation:


new hires onboarded


tasks completed


HR Coordinator hours saved


positive new hire feedback

Here’s how it works.

Greenhouse Onboarding user profile

Integrate new team members faster

Start onboarding new hires before their first day.

  • Provide an organized hub of useful resources
  • Introduce team members
  • Help familiarize new hires with company culture and policies
Greenhouse Onboarding plan

Get organized and keep everyone informed

Develop a consistent plan that brings structure to your onboarding process. Predetermine which actions need to be completed for employees in each office, by role and team, and easily organize documents for new hires to sign electronically.

  • Get your internal teams on the same page to make sure each person knows their onboarding role through a set of automated tasks and reminders
  • Configure an email flow that lets new hires know about next steps and to-do’s
Greenhouse Onboarding tasks

Complete administrative tasks quickly and easily

Automate the logistics of the onboarding process so you can focus on giving new hires a great experience and setting them up for success. You’ll also save time by setting up a structured process to get information and paperwork done on time. Additionally, you can:

  • Define and manage your operations – set onboarding tasks for specific roles, office locations, employee statuses and other criteria
  • Assign owners, notifications and automatic reminders for easy task completion
Greenhouse Onboarding new-hire survey

Evaluate your onboarding performance

Gather feedback from new hires and pull reports to find areas of improvement and make adjustments to continuously improve the process.

  • Work efficiently with hiring managers and department leads to make sure all new hires have everything they need for onboarding

Greenhouse helps companies of all sizes solve their hiring challenges.

Learn how Greenhouse Recruiting can help you effectively and measurably make smarter hiring decisions.

Greenhouse is priced based on your needs.

Our approach to pricing gives you what you need today and the ability to expand features as you hire more.

Welcome experience

Welcome your new hires to the team and stand out by creating an experience that helps them explore your community before they even start.

  • Personalized welcome flow
  • Resource hub
  • Introduction to key team members in onboarding portal
  • Form collection

Automated task management

Automate the logistics of your onboarding plan so that you can focus on delivering a great experience.

  • Assign task owners
  • Notifications and automatic reminders including email, calendar (such as Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook) and third-party task systems (such as JIRA, Asana, Trello, Zendesk and ServiceNow)
  • Bulk onboarding

Onboarding plan

Develop a reliable plan that brings structure to your onboarding process.

  • Set tasks for different offices, locations and roles
  • Documentation and e-signature
  • Email flows to new hires

Feedback and reporting

Analyze your onboarding performance and understand how to improve.

  • Customizable new hire surveys
  • Filter and export data for reporting

Integration ecosystem

Automate the flow of data from Greenhouse Onboarding into your system of record by turning on any of the following integrations:

  • ADP
  • Namely
  • Bamboo

Is your hiring strategy ready for what’s next?

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