The Value of Recruiting with Greenhouse

If you think Greenhouse makes recruiters happy, you should see what it does to CFOs. They’re the ones who run the numbers and see that Greenhouse pays for itself the first time you avoid hiring someone who won’t work out.

And Greenhouse not only steers you away from candidates destined to come up short, it also helps you land the brilliant, driven employees who will create more innovative products and make you a lot more money.

Greenhouse Saves You Time and Money

The hidden costs of inefficient recruiting add up. There's the money lost to outside recruiters who haven't sent a hirable candidate your way all year. The staff time wasted in meandering interviews, or in late-round interviews with unqualified candidates. And then there's a huge amount of money and morale lost to charismatic people who talk a good game, but quit (or get fired) after three months.

Greenhouse tackles all of these problems head-on, allowing you to:

  • Be less dependent on agencies

  • Save interviewer time with focused interviews and easy candidate scorecards

  • Get more referrals by getting your entire team involved

  • Increase the number of employees sharing open positions with their networks

  • Fill key roles more quickly

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