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Greenhouse Recruiting custom configuration

Streamline your HRIS integration

Your business counts on data integrity. With our expertise, you can design your Human Resource Information System (HRIS) integration to ensure clean data flow between your systems and that you build your integration right the first time. You can:

  • Manage jobs, hire candidates and seamlessly sync company data thanks to near real-time communication between systems
  • Know there is data integrity with a structured and validated data model
  • Get support for fully custom workflows
  • Structured sessions to guide you through all workflow and design decisions we know you need to make to avoid errors in integration development, testing and deployment.
  • Integrate with Workday, SuccessFactors, UltiPro, Kronos, Namely, ADP and more.
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Migrate your data with the help of our team.

A Data Migration Engineer will collaborate with your team to perform the data migration. They will make recommendations and develop import rules to help ensure your data is as clean and structured as possible. Our dedicated team of Data Migration Engineers have executed over a thousand migrations from over thirty systems of record and pre-built tools for the most common systems.

  • For historical/inactive job and candidate data we lead a one-time migration after Greenhouse is launched. During this process, job and candidate data is migrated.
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Ensure a timely and structured implementation with predictable milestones and clear roles and responsibilities

To ensure your success, we focus the proper attention on each phase of your relationship with Greenhouse. That starts with a great implementation that helps you:

  • Create company-wide behavior change and Greenhouse tool expertise
  • Foster aspiration for hiring excellence throughout your company
  • Identify and focus on your key requirements and metrics for success
Greenhouse Recruiting hiring team

Uplevel your companies hiring mindset with strategic hiring consultation

With a strategic audit of your organization’s needs, challenges and pain points, our strategic consultants will shape your exact professional services program. That can include:

  • Workshops and strategic build sessions to rework recruiting processes and implement key upgrades into your Greenhouse system
  • Tailored education and best practices to help you understand all of the capabilities of your Greenhouse solution
  • Helping you understand where you excel and where you need to improve, compared to your industry peers, through case studies, benchmark metrics and ROI proof points

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