Reporting made simple webinar series

Don’t let messy data get in the way of great hiring

When the data across your organisation is full of discrepancies, it can make data-driven hiring feel a lot harder than it needs to. In this webinar, you’ll gain the knowledge to ensure your data stays clean and consistent, so you can measure, iterate and improve every part of your team’s hiring process.

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Reporting made simple is a multi-part webinar series

This series is designed to help you navigate Greenhouse Reporting like a pro. Get guidance on leveraging essential reports, utilizing advanced reporting, creating reports for various stakeholders and so much more so you can help create and sustain a data-driven hiring organisation.

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US / Canada – September 27 at 1 pm EST

EMEA – September 29 at 2 pm GMT

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The importance of data accuracy and the overlap between workflows, data and insights.
  • What causes inconsistencies in data and how to correct them
  • Best practices for measuring and monitoring hiring metrics, with examples from our customers

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