Unlock the promise of SaaS with BetterCloud

Nearly every company is adopting more and more best of breed SaaS to enable their employees, but it’s creating a sprawl of applications and data across the business. BetterCloud is the leading SaaSOps platform to manage and secure the many SaaS applications employees use to perform their daily jobs. With a library of APIs and a robust workflow engine to apply management and security policies to SaaS applications, BetterCloud reduces IT workloads and ensures company data remains safe.

With BetterCloud and Greenhouse, you can:

  • Automate user onboarding and offboarding - With BetterCloud, you can quickly grant new users access to Greenhouse and apply the appropriate job permission.
  • Update user settings - Admins can make one-off and bulk changes to user’s job permissions and profile information
  • Assign custom admin roles. Delegate the types of actions that admins can take (create, edit, delete) and limit their access to sensitive information in Greenhouse.