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Win more candidates.

With more jobs to fill than qualified candidates, recruiting teams today are facing a new challenge: delivering a differentiated candidate experience that wins. But delivering a personalized experience at scale is nearly impossible - until now.

Guide automatically delivers every candidate a personalized experience based on their Greenhouse role and interview stage. Guide communicates with Greenhouse to automatically generate a unique company-branded web portal for each candidate that displays their interview details, upcoming schedule, preparation materials, interviewer profiles and much more. When a candidate is moved to a new stage in Greenhouse, they get notified automatically with updated content to help them prepare for the next interview stage. Candidates can even leave anonymous feedback on each specific interview within their Guide!

Candidates absolutely love it. Recruiting teams love it even more:

  • Increase win rates at every step of your hiring funnel.
  • Increase candidate NPS with personalized candidate journeys that wow.
  • Save hours each week with automated communications and dynamic candidate-specific content.
  • Measure & improve employer brand in real-time with anonymous, interview-specific candidate feedback.

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