Hire the right people based on verified reference data

HiPeople makes it easy to collect in-depth candidate insights at scale. Gather rich insights, and make better hiring decisions. With HiPeople you can seamlessly request, collect, and analyze candidate reference checks.

More efficient

Seamlessly request, collect, and analyze verified reference checks in no time, with a single tool seamlessly integrated in Greenhouse.


Get things done quicker: by using HiPeople you will reduce the time-to-complete of your reference process by more than 50%.

More data

HiPeople enables you to drastically increase the quality and volume of candidate references: collect 5x more references compared to industry averages.

Science backed
Pick and choose from a vast library of science-backed models, and gain insights on skills, capabilities, areas of improvement and many others. Or create your own custom questions. It’s up to you!

Choose if you want to get references from managers, peers, or reports, how many, and from which companies. HiPeople’s verification engine makes sure you can trust the data.

You can deep dive into the aggregated reference data in the HiPeople dashboard, and use HiPeople’s smart analysis engine to detect outliers, trends, and insights that truly make a difference.


HiPeople provides a unique user experience for both your candidates, as well as their references. It could not be easier to request and share references!

HiPeople’s platform is private by design and GDPR compliant at all ends. Use HiPeople globally while applying custom data ops policies to different geographies.

For more information, visit us at ​hipeople.io​

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