Need speed & scale in your hiring?

Get access to the worlds largest network of labor market data and independent recruiters. Empower your team to use a data-driven approach for hiring, and leverage a network of recruiters to scale your hiring efforts quickly when needed.

As a Greenhouse user easily utilize your existing hiring workflow, while tapping into powerful labor market data and a vast network of recruiters.

Relode can help you with:

  • Direct hires
  • Contract / temp / contingent hires
  • Hourly and full-time hires

Relode Insights

Using Relode Insights, employers develop their hiring strategy by analyzing supply & demand in specific labor markets along with related salary ranges and diversity & inclusion metrics. This targeted data empowers employers to set realistic expectations with their hiring teams and create a clear path to success.

Relode Network of Recruiters

Using the Relode network of independent recruiters, allows an organization to add thousands of recruiters to their team with the click of a button. On average, employers using Relode have qualified candidates within 72 hours, saving their talent acquisition teams valuable time and resources.

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