Hiring Hacks: How to Take Your Social Recruiting to the Next Level

social_recruitingSocial recruiting is more than just a buzzword. With over 200 billion social media users online, it's not only the way that candidates are finding jobs and evaluating your company, but also how savvy recruiters are engaging passive talent. In our latest Hiring Hacks webinar, Ben Martinez, VP of People and Culture at HireVue, shares a look inside his strategies for social recruiting success.

There are tons of social platforms out there. You have Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, and more -- many of which companies sign up for simply because it seems like the right thing to do. Don't create an account just for the sake of having one. The first step is to make an assessment. Who are the candidates you want to reach? Identify which platforms they’re on, and create an account. You can then use social media to engage these candidates at each stage of the candidate's journey - from attraction to onboarding.

Ben takes us through the social recruiting process in five simple steps. You'll no longer be compelled to write "Hey, we're hiring!" on your Twitter page. Instead, you'll want to take an entirely new approach (or maybe five) that will take your social recruiting to the next level. 

1. Attract

You have the job listing complete, and it’s posted up on your careers page. More often than not, the job description entails seven to eight bullet points on what the job is. Sure, that’s expected. But how can you make this job stand out? Ben shares this UPS truck driver example.


Most people know what a truck driver is and what the general responsibilities include. UPS understands this too, so they snapped a picture to show the day-to-day life of a UPS worker. The post also includes a social media best practice, using hashtags to increase its visibility and reach active candidates. 

2. Source

The first step in sourcing candidates is to understand what you’re looking for. Once you’ve defined the type of person that would fit well in the role, you can start your search on social. Ben shares that HireVue uses a sourcing tool, (another Greenhouse partner) called Entelo. Entelo helps you find candidates as well as sort by certain demographics. This provides an extensive list for you to search through. Once you have your list, you can see what each candidate is interested in by going straight to their social media pages.  

3. Engage

You’ve found a great candidate but here comes the tricky part. How do you develop the relationship? Ben shares the social hustler's equation: once you’ve found candidates on Twitter, give them two favorites and one retweet. Do that every day or every other day. Then go on their LinkedIn profiles and give two endorsements. Once you’ve made that connection, drive them somewhere. This should be somewhere that has a call to action, like your company's blog or careers page.

4. Screen

As Ben shared, “you never want to hire the creeper online.” To avoid this, he uses a program called Twitonomy. Its analytics gives him insight into a potential candidate's Twitter engagement. It showcases the types of hashtags they use, what time of day they most likely tweet, and who they most frequently engage with. The purpose behind this is to get a clear understanding of who they are. Leverage this data by connecting and creating conversations with those they trust so, in turn, they also trust you. 

5. Onboard

This is the last and most critical stage in the social recruiting process. You’ve hooked them. They’ve come in to an interview, but how do you make your company stand out? At HireVue they send a welcome box filled with all sorts of goodies, notebooks, hats, water bottles, the list continues. What’s great is people don’t expect these sort of gifts and when they receive something like it, they’re bound to show it off online. This works in your favor because the post the candidate shares will be shown across their networks. At HireVue, Ben shared they are experimenting with one platform, Snapchat. Once a candidate has come in, they find him or her on Snapchat and send a short video saying thank you for coming!

Learning new ways to make yourself stand out above the rest in a very crowded space is challenging. However, the good news is, there are ways to make it easier. As Ben shared, it’s vital to learn the different platforms, see how they’ll be useful for you and your company, and create steps that will help develop a relationship. It’s your time to be creative, be smart, educate your company, and have fun.

Want to dive a little deeper? Listen to the full recording here.

Take Your Social Recruiting To The Next Level


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